Answer With a Song – Addressing Environmental Justice


Music Five 3:00-4:00

Leading groups in song is what we like best, especially familiar songs and parodies. We invite you to sing with us in this workshop. Occupella came together with a common love for the power of music to unite people. Lately, we’ve been drawn to the Climate Justice movement, and to the idea that we need to create a “movement of movements” to protect the earth, and to build solidarity with all who work for a more just world. We are encouraged when environmental activists ask us to sing “Fifteen Bucks an Hour”, when union organizers  show up to sing “No Coal Trains", and when frontline neighborhoods sing about protecting their local communities as well as the global climate.  We invite you to join us in this workshop to sing songs that build bridges, expand our solidarity, and empower us all when we answer, in harmony, with a song!

Our core group consists of Nancy Schimmel, Bonnie Lockhart, Hali Hammer, Leslie Hassberg and Marcie Boyd (plus Betsy Rose, who is on hiatus), but everyone who sings with us is Occupella! Our website has an extensive online songbook plus a calendar of events, video links and more: