Child Ballads: Comparing European to American Variants

Casey Casebeer and Louise Oehler

Music Two 12:00-1:00

A small 'seminar' singing circle, limited by the one-hour time slot to six singers.  Listeners will be welcomed!  Each of the singers will choose and sing two closely related songs: a European ballad from the Child collection, and an American variant of the same song.  Participants are requested to sign up in advance, by emailing Casey Casebeer at  (If your song is not in English or has difficult or archaic language in it, please provide a dozen copies of the song in the original language and in English translation, to share.)

Casey CasebeerCasey is a regular at the Berkeley Ballad Circle and other traditional music venues around the Bay area.  She researches the milieu, folklore and language of traditional narrative songs as well as their singing tradition in English, Scots, and French.  Casey is retired from the U.S. Foreign Service where she worked for 30 years  in American embassies overseas.  She lives in the Sierra Nevada above Jackson.

Version 2Louise Oehler grew up in Texas, Oklahoma, and the Ozarks of Arkansas where where she heard her Daddy and Granny and others sing the old songs. She came with her family to California at age 15 and lived in the migrant labor camps. Moved to Davis in 1968 and has been part of the Davis Picking and Singing group since 1990.