It’s All Relative: Songs about the Family

Arlene Immerman

Music Five 4:00-5:00

This will be a round robin singing session in which we sing songs (trad or contemporary) that are about family relations, mention family, revolve Arlene Immermanaround family, etc. Good examples are Two Sisters or Lizzie Borden or MOTHER (M is for the many things you gave me) to name a few. Please come prepared to lead a song that you know or have practiced somewhat; reading out of a book is not very inspiring, though referring to words is OK. When your turn comes up you can pass or request a song that someone else might know. Hope to see you there.

Arlene has been singing all her life. Some of her biggest influences are Faith Petric, Michael Cooney, Pete Seeger, Sheila Kaye Adams, Jean Ritchie, the Copper Family and thousands of others who have passed the songs down from parent to child, knee to knee.