Russian Folk Songs & Beyond

Jonnie PekelnyJonnie Pekelny

Music Four 5:00-6:00

Folk and pop songs from Russia. We will be learning songs that originate in the culture of the Russian village and city working class, with forays into composed popular Russian music.

Jonnie Pekelny (Женя Пекельная) is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia. Although she spent her childhood in the big city, Jonnie's mother made it a point to learn Russian folk songs and to teach them to her daughter.

A singer from an early age, Jonnie grew up with the sweet, fiery, humorous, irreverent and honest songs of rural and working Russia. Although she later went on to study and sing other genres (obtaining a minor in music from U.C. Santa Cruz and performing solo and in group ensembles that included classical and pop and other folk traditions) that first musical love has stuck. Jonnie still loves and performs the songs of this disappearing cultural treasure.