Songs of Conflict

Holdstock and MacLeod

Music Two 2:00-3:00

Holdstock & MacLeodJoin in a circle of songs, preferably with choruses, on the theme of Conflict. The scourge of humankind, wasting of lives, aggression, failure or refusal to resolve issues, lack of compromise, losing or winning wars and battles, being left behind, being a refugee, and calling for change. How can we have music abolish conflict?

Dick Holdstock and Allan MacLeod sing and play traditional songs from their English and Scottish roots. Still enthusiastically performing together since meeting at the 1976 Santa Rosa Folk Festival, Holdstock and MacLeod continue to perform authentic renditions of the songs of their homelands.

Allan and Dick have produced several recordings: "Holdstock and MacLeod", "Deepwater Shanties", "Silver in the Stubble", "Deepwater Ballads", "Deepwater Shanties", "Winter In the Wood", "Deepwater Songs", "Deepwater Return", and "Seasoned Songs", their new CD of traditional English and Scottish songs.