Story Dancing with Risa Lenore of Jelly Jam Time

jellyjamtimeRisa Lenore

Family Area (Room 101) 1:00-2:00

Join Risa Lenore in story-dancing. In this workshop we will be exploring many aspects of one story. We will dance, story-tell and act them into being. It is a combination of improvisational performance, dance, physical theatre and storytelling. This workshop is appropriate for all ability levels, as we adventure through story, both classic and invented, with our bodies and minds.  It is best suited for children 3-8 and their families.

Risa Lenore Anderson Dye is a creative and enthusiastic instructor of Jelly Jam Time. She believes in the profound effects of story, imagination and movement for any learner. Risa has worked in theater and dance throughout the bay area in various roles; improvisational actress, dancer, costume designer, puppeteer and storyteller. Risa attended Jacques LeCoq’s International school of Theatre in Paris, France where she studied physical theatre, experimental set design and movement. In the past seven years, Risa has created a unique physical theatre and story-based educational program for young children. She values play, creativity, beauty and kindness.