Uncle Billy’s Ukulele Adventure

Bill Trainor

Music One 12:00-1:00

Bill TrainorThis workshop is in “Master Class” format which is suitable for musicians of all abilities – beginner to advanced.  Volunteers will play and then receive suggestions for improving their playing.  The rest of the participants will observe.  This format has proven to be very useful for both volunteers and observers.  Approximately fifteen minutes will be allocated to each volunteer.

Ideally, prospective volunteers will be prepared to play an easy piece and a more challenging piece of their own choosing.

Bill Trainor is a music teacher with a private studio in Sacramento.  He has been teaching violin, fiddle, and ukulele for more than ten years.  Bill has taught workshops at the The San Francisco Free Folk Festival, The El Cerrito Free Folk Festival, The Oregon Country Fair, The Learning Exchange, Sierra II Center, and The Center For Spiritual Awareness.  Bill finds the “master class format” to be a particularly effective way to teach groups of people with a wide range of abilities.  You can find his website at www.billtrainormusic.com. You can send him email at btmusic@rcip.com.