New for 2017! For the first time, the San Francisco Free Folk Festival is happy to offer a storytelling program at the festival this year, presented by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC).

The Storytelling Association of California is an organization dedicated to promoting storytelling as a living art form. We tell stories to adults and children, at festivals and schools; we share ideas and strategies for developing and telling stories in all venues; we’re interested in personal stories, as well as traditional tales, legends, and myths. We hope you will join us for workshops and story sets.

12-1 pm: Jeff Byers will share stories: Tricksters! Enjoy seeing them get the best of arrogant masters, fierce tigers, disappointing lovers, and yes, even death (at least for a while).

1-2 pm: Join Jean Ellisen, Storyteller, Story Performer, Storytelling Educator, and Faciitator in a fun, interactive workshop, Storytelling With Children (of all ages). Using personal narrative as inspiration, we will explore ways to unearth our own stories to share as a starting point. Using prompts and encouragement you can empower your children/students to share their own stories, real and imagined.

2-3 pm: Dana Sherry and Cathryn Fairlee will be performing exotic Silky Road Tales from Central Asia. Dana and Cathryn have both explored the cultures of the Silk Road out of love and fascination. We will provide the camels – join us!

3-4 pm: Tim Ereneta will dive into the nuts and bolts of story structure in Building Stories from Scratch.

4-5 pm: Earth Storyteller Garth Gilchrist relates John Muir’s wildest mountain adventures, and a wild adventure of his own, in In Love with the Wild World: Earth Stories of Adventure and Belonging.

5-6 pm: Sara Armstrong shares Dilemma Stories for Democracy through attendee participation in evaluating options presented in a set of stories.

7-9 pm: The First Ever Bay Area Liar’s Competition on the Faith Petric Stage. Talented wordsmiths will have 5 minutes each to tell their best, boldest, funniest and most outlandish lies . Fish stories, tall tales, alternative facts and bold, brazen, bald-faced bits of balderdash.