San Francisco Free Folk Festival
  Enjoy an evening out with live bands and fun dance styles!
2002 SFFFF
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Saturday Evening Dances

Evening Dances: 3rd floor Gym

6:00 International Dance! with VECERNICA International Folk Dance Band - music from Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, the Balkans, Greece, Israel, and the US. Dances will be taught. Meryl Lee Corcoran; Gary Breitbard; Ned Gault; Jena Rauti; Pete Showman; Sue Ellen Porter; Dave Bogdanoff. Until 8:00.

8:00 Waltz, Swing, and Ballroom Dance! with The BRASSWORKS Band - The Brassworks consists of tuba, trombone/euphonium, french horn, and two trumpets, doubling on cornet, flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet, and a drummer. The Brassworks performs a wide range of musical styles: renaissance, baroque, classical & romantic, folk & fiddle tunes, marches, ragtime, Dixieland, blues, swing, rock, Motown, Latin, Broadway show tunes and concert works. They're wonderful! Until 10:00.

Sunday Evening Dances

Evening Dance: 3rd floor Gym

7:00 Contra Lesson Learn the basics. (It's pretty easy!)

7:30 Contra Dance! Modern American line dance, with flirting and cool moves. No partner needed. Featuring the music of Charlie Hancock, Art Friedman, and Mark Kartman, and an open band (look for the Contra Band Workshop at 4PM.) Dances will be called by Mavis McGaugh, Tom Van Deusen, Tom Thoreau, Jim Saxe, and Charlie Fenton. Until 10:00 PM.

McBride Dancers @ 8:20PM.

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