Music Workshops A to Z

The 3 R's of Charts
John Tuttle
Explore the many different styles of charts and get to know what makes a chart good or bad. Bring your instrument and plan on listening, writing, singing, and playing.
'60s and '70s Pop & Rock Oldies
Rose & Jim Hudson
Revisit the '60s and '70s through the music of the times. Bring your voice and your instrument to join in.
Acoustic Bass
Matt Small
An introduction to the basic concepts of playing acoustic bass in country, swing, and bluegrass styles.
Autoharp: 10 Ways to Perk Up a Tune
Carey Dubbert
Explore techniques for making the autoharp more interesting and fun.
Autoharp: Better Than It Sounds
Laura Lind
A brief introduction to the autoharp: adventures through plucking, pinching, and more. Get to know the instrument and play a simple song with chords called by the instructor.
Barbershop Harmony
Charles Feltman
Learn to harmonize by ear, listening to the music and filling in where needed in the style of the southern and Appalachian US barbershops of old.
Beatles Sing & Play Along
Joe Cadora & Jeannine Menger
Explore the music of the lads from Liverpool in this structured jam. Learn why these brilliant songs changed the landscape of popular music forever.
Bebo's & Reebo's Jug Band Jam
Bebo White, Wayne Hagen, and Richard Rice
Explore the world of jug band music with its lively spirit and improvised instruments and varied styles.
Beginning Italian Mandolin
Nicola & Achille Bocus
Get to know the Italian style of tremolo as well as basic fingering technique.
Cajun Jam
Blair Kilpatrick & Steve Tabak
Get a brief introduction to the basics of traditional Cajun-Creole music and then join in on some representative tunes (a two-step, a waltz, and a shuffle.)
Calace's Easy Mandolin Solo Songs
Achille & Nicola Bocus
Learn to play the mandolin Italian style using the music of Raffaele Calace.
Chord Basics for Folk Harp
Verlene Schermer
This class will give you some great tools to use for adding chords to melodies. You will learn the basic triads, how they fit into a key, and how to fit them to melodies.
Circle Singing
DJ Hamouris
Take part in the vocal improvisation known as circle singing where participants come together to create a unique song, never to be repeated.
Daniel Hersh, Jack Gilder & Riggy Rackin
An introduction to the concertina with a demonstration and Q&A, followed by more advanced tips for current players.
Contra Band Workshop
Art Peterson
Learn some of the basics of playing in a contra dance band and get a sneak peak at the tunes for the Sunday 6:30 p.m. contra dance.
Crying Songs: a Song Swap
Sadie Damascus
"Sad songs say so much," according to Elton John. Have your say in this song swap featuring the songs that move us to tears.
Depression Era Jam
Dan Scanlan
During the Great Depression, popular music gave people hope and helped them deal with hard times. Come join in with these songs that seem so relevant once again.
Flash Mob Choir
Tony Elman
Sing chants, rounds, and more while stepping and clapping in waves of rhythm.
Folk Songs of American Women's History
Estelle Freedman
Learn how folks songs tell the story of women's lives in the United States during much of its history.
German Folk Music Jam
Bill Likens
Musicians and singers join in a German, Austrian & Swiss music jam session covering beginning and intermediate tunes.
Getting the Open Tuning Sound in Standard Tuning
Mark Lemaire
Learn to play more interesting chords and to add color to your existing chords.
Guitar: Lead Playing for Beginners
Mac McCurdy
This workshop provides a logical and systematic approach to work your way from chords to related scales, and on to lead playing.
Guitar Theory
Don Murdoch
Learn to build different kinds of chords and understand the intervals that define them.
Gypsy Jazz Guitar: Intermediate & Advanced
Don Price, assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson
Learn the seven essential soloing concepts used by Django and other gypsy players for a better understanding of the improvisational process and the ability to create original solos.
Hardly Strictly Folk Songs
Doug Norman
Come prepared to sing in this song circle and share the grace that comes from voices joined together in song.
Healing Harps
Patrice Haan & Jacqueline Lynaugh
Find out what it means to play music for healing as the sounds of the harp bring you peace.
How to Start a Pickers Circle
Robert Thornton Kent & Brooks Hunnicutt
This workshop is for club owners, restaurants, bars and others who would like to bring people together to share, play and enjoy music for fun and possible profit.
Industrial Revolution through Folk Music
Bev & Jerry Praver
Trace the history of the industrial revolution and its profound effect on our lives through folk songs.
Intro to Folk Harp
Verlene Schermer
Take advantage of this opportunity play a harp, perhaps for the first time, and even learn to play a simple song.
Irish Songs and Ballads
Amelia Hogan
Celebrate Irish ballads, songs and the Sean Nos tradition and sing (or play) along as stories are told through song.
Jamming on the Blues
Myron Grossman & Tom Murray
Bring your guitars and harmonicas and pick up some blues jamming techniques as well as tips on playing both rhythm and lead in an ensemble.
A Journey into Cajun & Creole Music
Blair Kilpatrick
Get an introduction to Cajun-Creole music and learn about the journey that changed a woman's life and inspired her passion for Louisiana French music.
Jypsy Jazz Guitar D'Jam
Don Price, assisted by Ken Billeci & Jane Thompson
Intermediate and advanced players will get a chance to show off their gypsy jazz chops in this no-pressure jam.
Ladino Songs from the Sephardic Exile
Mark Levy
Discover the beautiful melodies of the folk ballads and songs of the Sephardic Jews of Turkey, Greece, Morocco, and the Balkans.
Learn to Play the Musical Saw - Saws Provided
Morgan Cowin
Learn the history of the musical saw, how to find one, and the basics of how it is played.
Mokale Rhythm Circle
Tony Elman
This poly-rhythm experience is a fun way to develop awareness, insight and extraordinary rhythm skills as overlapping waves of rhythm, chanting, and more travel around the Mokale circle.
Mountain Dulcimer: Fiddle Tune Repertoire
DJ Hamouris
Beginning and intermediate players will have a good time getting to know these fiddle tunes.
Murder Ballads
Sharyn Dimmick
Find out who done it over and over again in this song swap focusing on songs about murder.
Old-Time Gospel
Greg & Lori Arthur
This workshop will involve some discussion of the inspiration and history or the old songs, but will mostly be a time to sing together.
Old Time Jam in C
Bob Palasek
This workshop will cover Appalachian old-time fiddle, banjo, and string band tunes in C. Bring one to share or just join in.
Original Song Swap
Susan Wageman
Come share (or hear) your original song with other songwriters in an informal and friendly environment.
Protest & Occupy Songs
Members of Occupella
Come sing along with Occupella and raise your fist and your voice in protest of injustice and corporate domination and in support of the Occupy movement.
Rounds for All
Lani Hermann
This introduction to rounds will start with the simple and progress to the complex.
Russian Folk Songs & Beyond
Jonnie Pekelny
Learn the songs of Mother Russia, both folk and pop-folk in this workshop led by a St. Petersburg native.
Scandinavian Gammaldans Music Jam
Bill Likens & Bob Palasek
Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American waltzes, schottisches/reinlenders, and polkas will be covered in this jam.
Sea Songs and Sea Shanties
Richard Adrianowicz & Peter Kasin
After a brief introduction to the different types of shanties, this workshop will consist of as much singing as possible.
Secrets of the Great Finger Pickers
The stuff all pickers should know - for folk, rock, blues, country swing and bluegrass guitarists, from beginner to advanced.
Shape Note Singing
Peter Ross, Gary Breitbard & Terry Moore
Singers and non-singers alike are welcome to join in on this moving 4-part a cappella music that dates back to the early days of our nation.
Songs of the Copper Family
Bill Moore
Enjoy and share in these classic traditional English farmers' songs as sung and saved by the Copper Family of Rottingdean.
Songs of Kate Wolf
Don Murdoch
Sing and share the music of Kate Wolf in this song circle.
Songs of Woody Guthrie
Marcus Duskin
Celebrate Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday year in this workshop.
Songwriters Swap
Laurie Vela
Connect with other songwriters and share your original songs in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.
Strictly Bluegrass Jam
Jeanie & Chuck Poling
This session will begin with a lesson on bluegrass jam structure, etiquette, repertoire, and the peculiar lingo that bluegrassers use and will finish off with everyone jamming.
Songwriting Basics
Laurie Vela
This workshop offers some playful & practical tips on song creation. The focus will be on the creative process rather than music theory.
Songs of Wealth, Poverty, and Evil Lucre
Marlene McCall
Money may not buy happiness, but it can make for one heck of a song. Bring your favorite tune about money and share the wealth in this song swap.
Songs of the Carter Family: Sing-Along
Laura Lind & Searle Whitney
Celebrate the Carter Family with this opportunity to sing some of your favorites from the Carter Collection.
Theory of Jazz Harmony for Folkies
Get the how and why of pentatonic, minor pentatonic, mixolydian and other seemingly scary topics, without needing a degree in music theory.
Traditional Ballads: a Song Swap
Sadie Damascus
Traditional English and Scottish ballads are very old but will come alive again in this song swap where the line between song and story is uncertain.
Twin Harmony
The Shook Twins
Experience "twin harmony" up close and take part in simple to complex harmony exercises, with and without instruments.
Women's Song Swap
Laurie Vela
This is a circle for celebrating & honoring women in song. Raise your voices in honor & celebration of women!
Ukuleles R Us! Pop/Rock/Folk Jam
Janet Lenore & Jeff Davis
Bring your ukes and strum along on tunes from the world of '60s pop and rock and beyond.