Volunteering at the Festival

It takes over 150 volunteers to put on the San Francisco Free Folk Festival! We need your help. Just an hour of your time will make a huge difference.

There are jobs for everybody: greet people, show them where to park, help them find accessible paths to the places they want to go. Make sure their musical instruments are kept safe in the Instrument Check room. Be a sound technician for a dance or performance. Help with set up or take down. Help children with craftmaking in the Malvina Reynolds Family Room. Or sell T-shirts, tote bags, CD's, books, and raffle tickets at the San Francisco Folk Music Club Tables to support this all volunteer, free, folk music event.

For more information on available jobs, see Volunteer Job Descriptions below.

To Volunteer: send an email with your name & phone number to sffff-volunteer@googlegroups.com

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Telephone Volunteers: Ask San Francisco Folk Music Club members to help put on the event. (Pre-festival: April & May)

Grassroots Publicity: Post flyers and contact people interested in music events (Pre-festival, April and May).

Instrument Check: Check musical instruments in and out & keep them safe.

Festival Setup: Help set up the school for the festival: map & label tables & chairs, move furniture, put up signs, & assist sound crew.

Parking: Greet festival attendees, take money, hand out parking passes, assist in finding parking spaces in the lot.

Greeters: Greet people at the door, hand them a program, let them know where they can make a donation, inform them of the location of the information table where they can ask questions throughout the festival.

Folk Club Tables: (information and product sales). Hand out literature, sell t-shirts, books, SFFMC memberships, and CDs. Provide information on the club as well as the festival itself (locations of bathrooms, workshops, etc).

Festival Takedown: Saturday evening -- tidy up the classrooms after the workshops, and change signage to prepare for next day. Sunday evening -- volunteers put the workshop rooms back into classroom formation, take down signs, and do a general clean-up after the festival closes.

Sound Engineers: Needed to control sound boards for performances, dances and dance workshops. All sound volunteers must be approved by sffff-soundguy@googlegroups.com. Loans of equipment also welcome! Email sffff-soundguy@googlegroups.com if you have sound equipment to loan for the days of the festival.

Craft Table: Help with craft activities at a drop-in arts & crafts table for children and their parents in the Malvina Reynolds Family Room. This is not meant to be a babysitting service; parents are expected to remain within sight of their children at all times. (Open noon to 6 PM)

Fundraising: Encourage festival visitors to donate money and buy raffle tickets to support this annual event.