Brass Farthing (2017 program)

British Folk & Music Hall a Capella Harmonies
Faith Petric Stage – Auditorium / 4:15 - 4:45

Since 2006, Brass Farthing has performed every year at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. In 2011, Brass Farthing won first place at the Bay Area Harmony Sweeps where we also took awards for Audience Favorite and Best Song – the serenade ‘I Love You More Than Beer’ by Rory Alden. We went on to take third place at Nationals.
Brass Farthing also journeyed into the Wild West, singing Americana at Gold Rush Days in Sacramento. The genre change inspired out third album Plug Nickel which demonstrates a journey in song from London to Amerikay.
Going back in time even further, we’ve performed at Renaissance Faires in Gilroy, San Jose, San Francisco, Sebastopol, Folsom and South Lake Tahoe.
We’ve re-written a little modern history as a musical part of the growing Steampunk movement. Steampunk takes the premise that in the late 1800s, steam technology was able to power flying machines, automobiles and mechanical men. Dirigibles ruled the sky and everything was decorated with gears and typewriter keys. The music reflects the beer hall sound with a lot more oomph. Brass Farthing brought our take on Steampunk to Maker Faire, a variety of Steampunk conventions and of course, SteamStock in Richmond, California.