Dusty Moon (2017 program)

Tight Vocal Harmonies
Woody Guthrie Stage – Rm 232 / 12:00 - 12:30

Dusty Moon is the duo of Linda Maki and Rick Merritt. We perform an eclectic mix of original and coversongs with tight, warm vocal blends reminiscent of the Milk Carton Kids, the Louvin Brothers and the Everly Brothers. We both play guitar and take solos. Linda also plays banjo and xylophone on some songs. Our repertoire includes Beatles, Neil Young, George Harrison among others. Our originals and covers include elements of pop, bluegrass, gospel and jazz. Among our originals, we have (for example) a song about a historical town in the Santa Cruz mountains, winemaking, community, as well as songs about love from different emotional perspectives (before, during and after, yearning, blissful, fed up, uncertain etc). We both have had other musical endeavors but have been together in Dusty Moon for about 5 years. We have taken a break from performing lately to work on our debut CD “Moonrise” due this spring.