Gypsy Jazz Improv (2017 program)

Don Price & Hot Club of Hangtown
Music 2 – Rm 217 / 1:00 - 2:00

This workshop will be geared to all levels of player. Don Price will Break down 2 of the most popular approaches to working with Django Reinhardt’s , and illustrate creating your own improvised Gypsy Jazz style-lines.Everyone will have a chance to play along to one of three basic chord-type solos using a popular tune from the Gypsy Jazz repertoire. At the workshop’s end, students will leave, better understanding Django’s improvisational process. Bring a notepad and pencil. A workshop and CD will be available for purchase, for more in-depth learning.

Don Price is the lead guitarist for Jazz Gitan, a gypsy swing guitar-Don7based trio performing the music of Django Reinhardt and contemporary Gypsy Jazz. As a music educator and professional musician, Don has over 35 years experience and two books to his credit.