Jaeger & Reid (2017 program)

Intelligent Engaging Original Songs
Faith Petric Stage – Auditorium / 4:45 - 5:15

“Some of the best discoveries are made by accident and that’s what happened in the fusion of the musical talents of Judi Jaeger and Bob Reid. They unwittingly found that perfect harmony while standing next to each other at a music camp jam in the summer of 2015. Their musical spark quickly caught fire and was noticed by those around them – and the successful collaboration between Jaeger and Reid was born.

Judi grew up near Montreal, Canada, where her world was filled with music; her mother and brother sang and played guitar and she listened to Leonard Cohen, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger and many others. She began her career as a performing songwriter as an expression of her loss after the death of her mother and has written songs for her local domestic violence prevention organization.

Bob is a third generation Californian, and like Judi, Bob also grew up surrounded by music. Bob’s Mom performed in coffeehouses in the 1960’s, while his father was a gospel concert promoter. Bob has a keen eye for musicality, empowerment, appreciation of nature and social causes in his writing.

They have been actively playing house concerts around the Bay Area and in New York and North Carolina, and Aruna and I hosted them at a house concert in our home in September. Their base is set to expand as they are currently recording their first Jaeger & Reid album which should be released in the Spring of 2017.”