Maurice Tani (2017 program)

West Coast Country Music
Woody Guthrie Stage – Rm 232 / 5:00 - 5:30

Maurice Tani is a veteran singer-songwriter and band leader on the California Americana scene. Tani is known for his wry/rye-to-romantic songwriting, agile guitar style and expressive singing. He has released six critically acclaimed albums of original material over the past dozen years.
“I was actually blown away. Maurice Tani writes songs that sound at once familiar, ethereal and beautiful. …a songwriter’s songwriter with reoccurring themes and his own life experiences, a mournful world critics to date have rushed to categorize as “country music.” -Robert Sproul, No Depression Magazine
Tani uses the term “Supercalifornographic”, to describe his particular flavor of Americana.

While rooted in country music, Tani’s writing is centered on an urban, West Coast perspective.
“Though much of my material is based on fictional characters and situations, I still write what I know. I’m not particularly comfortable or interested in the rural imagery of tractors, 4x4s or general agriculture common in much country music. What attracts me most about country is the story telling side of it. My stories are more likely to be centered around an urban experience. I’m a Californian from a large metropolitan area and I write about the things that hold my attention. I think of these songs as a sort of cinema for the blind. Short musical narratives of life on the left coast.”