Bavarian Dancing (2018 program)

Christopher Mobley
Dance A – North Gym / 3:00 - 4:00

This workshop will teach some easy traditional Bavarian folk dances and mixers. These are partnered dances, but no partner is required to participate. Basic rotary waltz and polka skills are helpful but not required.

Christopher Mobley is the Vorplattler for the Golden Gate Bavarian club. He began dancing when he moved to the Bay Area in 2002. In recent years, he has practiced and taught vintage ballroom and various forms of folk dances, including Bavarian, Morris, and English Country Dancing.

When he’s not dancing himself, he can also be found photographing dances. He joined the Golden Gate Bavarian Club in 2009, and has been slapping his Lederhosen-clad thighs with them ever since.