19th Century American Dance (2019 program)

Alan Winston, with Transit of Earth
Dance A – North Gym / 12:00 - 1:00

Start your dancing day by learning and enjoying community dances from this era. No partner or experience required.  Live music provided by Transit of Earth.

Caller, choreographer, and community leader Alan Winston started with Regency dance in 1978 and has been dancing contra since 1985. He’s been calling Regency, English, Early American, and Victorian dance since 1985, and started calling contras in 2006; since then, he’s called all over the greater Bay Area, Oregon, Washington, Los Angeles, at the Scout House in Concord, MA, at the Jamaica Plain gender-free English, and has become the booking coordinator for the Palo Alto contra.

His clear, cheerful, and witty instruction have served dancers well at a
variety of venues, including science fiction and romance writer conventions, Pie Ranch, weddings, Stanford Founder’s Day, a residential Victorian weekend, Playford Balls on both coasts, Williamsburg, VA, the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA), and as a staff member at BACDS Family Week, Heather and Rose gender-free English/Scottish weekend in Oregon, and Queer Contra Camp in Aptos. It is Alan’s great joy to share the joy of community through country dance.

Reach him at awinstondance@gmail.com.