Children’s Song Circle (2020 program)

Ed Hilton
Family Events / 3:30 - 4:30

Live on Zoom on Festival Day!  Pre-registration required.  Register at .

Ed Hilton is a retired early elementary classroom teacher and was also an elementary music teacher in the public schools of California.  This workshop will be a song circle for children of all ages (That means adults can sing a song that children would like, if they wish.).  It is OK to listen and sing along, or request children’s songs, but it is even better to sing a song yourself.  You can also play an instrument or do something else musical.  We will be using Zoom, so we will only be able to hear the song leader on each song.  We will need to mute everybody except for the person who is taking the turn.  Otherwise the sound is garbled.  Everybody who wants a turn will get one, and participants may get more than one turn.