In Harmony’s Way (2020 program)

Deborah Sandler
Music Workshops 1 / 3:00 - 4:00

Deborah Sandler, standing, smiling, silver hair, long sleeved light grey shirt over lavendar t-shirt. hillside under trees in Background.

Live on Zoom on Festival Day!  Pre-registration required.  Register at .

In Harmony’s Way is a monthly song session where people take turns leading songs with choruses and harmonies, that everyone sings together. Since Covid-19, we have been doing these sessions remotely via Zoom, as a singaround where each person gets to sing a song on their own, while everyone else is muted and singing along or listening at home. Everyone but the person singing has to be muted. That’s because on Zoom you can’t sing along with others out loud – the technology isn’t ready for that yet. So we do the best we can.

It’s still fun, we promise! This workshop will recreate one of our on line singarounds. Everyone will have the chance to sing a song, or as many as we have time for, but you can choose whatever you want to sing for the group – it does not have to be a chorus song. If it is a chorus song, so much the better – we will happily sing along (while muted). You can also pass – no one is forced to sing. We can’t sing together in person right now, but we can still sing!

Deborah has been singing folk music since she could talk, and her definition of folk music is pretty wide. Deborah’s favorites are songs to be sung together with harmony, including sea chanteys, love songs, blues, R&B, kids’ songs, gospel, ballads, silly songs, classic rock, jazz standards, show tunes, parodies and political songs. Deborah has a folklore degree, sings in two choirs, and sometimes co-leads In Harmony’s Way monthly chorus song sessions.