Rounds – Sing ‘Em! (2020 program)

Rounds Riot
Music Workshops 1 / 1:00 - 2:00

This workshop was live on Festival Day.  After the festival, you can watch the recording of the workshop at .

Let’s gather on Zoom to sing easy and accessible rounds, old and new. Members of Rounds Riot will teach/lead a few, and as time permits, participants may lead a round, or request one from the workshop leaders. We will experiment with ways to re-create the round-singing experience, even though all but the songleader will be muted for most of the session. All voices welcome. Jump in! Bring along a shelter-mate to sing with you!  Follow along with our list of rounds and lyrics at !

Rounds Riot has been holding monthly gatherings for over 20 years to revel in the harmonic magic one simple melody line can create when folded up like a fractal. We sing old favorites from summer camp and elementary school, and keep learning new ones. Our approach is non-didactic … even anarchic. Every singer decides what and when they sing. Most of the time it works, and when it doesn’t, we go on.