Songs of Faith Petric (2020 program)

Ed Hilton
Music Workshops 1 / 2:00 - 3:00

Ed Hilton, smiling faced man wearing a dark t-shirt

Live on Zoom on Festival Day!  Pre-registration required.  Register at .

Faith Petric was the leader/matriarch of the San Francisco Folk Music Club for many decades. We will sort of go around the virtual room (I’ll make a list since people’s images move around on Zoom) taking turns leading or requesting Faith’s favorite songs. Bring your voices and musical instruments. It is a good thing to practice a song ahead of time, but not necessary. Since there is a split second delay between when someone sings and when others, on their home computers or other devices, hear it, singing together doesn’t work. It comes out garbled. We will mute all but the person leading the song and people can sing along, but will not be heard.

Ed Hilton is a retired public school elementary teacher. He taught in the regular classroom and as a music teacher. As a music prep teacher he taught music in the early grades and K-5 Special Education Music. Ed is President of the San Francisco Folk Music Club which sponsors this festival. He has led a variety of SFFMC workshops over the past 20 years.