The Brothers Strong (2020 program)

Performances / 9:00 - 9:45

The Brothers Strong are known for high level musical authenticity. Like the wood, water, and stone of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from which they hail, their sound is sculpted by a timeless aggregate of people and place. This four-piece string band is on a resonant exploration of the human condition, with the singular mission to make music that acts as a conduit for genuine connectivity. The resulting collection of original material has taken shape in rowdy and resilient tales of love and loss, intermingled with passionately precise instrumental interludes.

The Brothers Strong are a 4 piece string band from mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The band has grown a loyal fan base by bringing an authentic mountain sound to their recordings, and live sets that is hard to come by. It is this honest and genuine tone that brings people to their rough and rowdy bluegrass shows, where they share their truest thoughts and feelings with their listeners. This comes first and foremost through thoughtful songwriting. It explores many of the daily struggles of human life from love and loss, to success and failure, while always coming from, and returning to, the heaviest most personal emotions we carry.

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