Django-style Guitar Workshop

Don Price

A special workshop for our 2021 online festival! See the workshop anytime on festival day by returning to this page.

Online Workshop helping all levels of players who wish to learn and share their love of Jazz Guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt! Q&A session with instrument in hand.

The all-acoustic ensemble Jazz Gitan (pronounced J’tawn) plays high energy hot jazz, performing a modern variant of 1930-1940’s Django Reinhardt-inspired music. Composer and lead guitarist Don Price mixes original compositions with the Parisian Jazz influence. The music includes latin, blues, bolero, rhumba, swing, and contemporay styles combined to create a unique foot tapping and high energy experience.

The title track from the CD, “Djangit”, was featured on Hot Club Records magnificient collection of the latest Django influenced musicians from around the world, called “Django Festival 9.”