Grit Harbour (2021 program)


A special performance for our 2021 online festival! Watch the performance anytime on festival day by clicking on this link:

Within a combination of groovy tones, dreamy melodies, and soulful vocals, there lies Grit Harbour. These moody guys grew up together in the suburbs of Los Angeles, moved to the beach when they grew older and have been recording in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains at their studio ever since. Their music has been described as a “kind of poetic fusion of musical instruments, lyrics, and soul that you have to listen to, it’s powerful.” Their rich cadences emerge from their focus on the acoustic to their lovely lyricism that simply works in a gorgeous haze. Carried with James Markas on vocals, the band evolved from an innate musical chemistry that they discovered while experimenting with James’ fathers reel-to-reel tape recorder: the first few songs were nothing short of magic, and they knew they had a responsibility to their muse and to each other to find out where it was all going to go. They take influence from such iconic artists such as Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and The Doors. Sit back and let the flavorful instrumentation and honest delivery of their perspective of life take you away to a mixed bag of night clouds and shiny melodies.