In Gowan Ring (2021 program)

symbolist folk music
Faith Petric Stage / 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Real-time event on festival day at the scheduled time above. No pre-registration required.

At the scheduled time on festival day, watch the performance by clicking on this link:

The symbolist folk music of In Gowan Ring channels stories of stones and angels through homemade instruments and human voice. Uncanny harmonies unearth a visionary sonic tapestry, engaging in mythic landscapes to weave the transcendental and the mundane.

For the last 20 years B’ee has composed original acoustic music under the moniker ‘In Gowan Ring’. It has led him on an itinerant journey through peculiar landscapes of sound and sense; meeting with other musicians, traditions, and philosophies around the world while pursuing his own unexampled, intimate art.

With a revolving cast of compatriots and fellow travelers, In Gowan Ring have over a dozen albums of recorded work, and have performed in over 30 countries worldwide.

“Music has always been for me a line of enquiry into a web-like world of subtle perceptions that reach through the metaphysical background of life. It is both a window onto the imaginal realm of primeval myth and an invitation to track our own smoky parables that, however evanescent, are yet somehow essential to our humanness and to our habitation of this material world. These inner landscapes where we experience love, awe, affinity and reverence branch deep through the heart of things, and we do well to heed the spirits there.” -B’ee