Kray Van Kirk (2021 program)

Faith Petric Stage / 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Real-time event on festival day at the scheduled time above. No pre-registration required.

At the scheduled time on festival day, watch the performance by clicking on this link:

A fine finger-style guitarist with a precise baritone, Van Kirk has a Ph.D. from the University of Alaska. After five years of touring and living in his van, he thought that a career in the sciences might be a bit more secure than playing music, especially as a single parent. Eventually, however, he realized that he could do more by writing songs than statistical models, and he put aside his computer, picked up his guitar, and set out again. “We are driven by myth,” he says. “Everyone needs to see themselves as being on the hero’s journey.”

Of this charming, quixotic, and decidedly eclectic performer, the Borderline Folk Club in New York wrote “it is what every singer-songwriter should aspire to.”