Simplified Lead Guitar for Strummers (2021 program)

Michael Bechler
Music 2
Instruments & misc. / 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Real-time event on festival day with pre-registration required. You can find the registration link near the top of the program page when the link is ready.

Learn to play leads and to improvise in a single session. It’s easier than you think. Michael has developed a simplified teaching technique, complete with instruction materials. If you can already play standard chords and you know how to use a capo or barre, you should be able to do a simple improvisation in any key by the end of this class.

Michael Bechler has been playing lead guitar and giving these classes at camps and at the SF Free Folk Festival at decades now. He also writes original songs and performs solo and with his partner, Geri McGilvray.