Ma’ayan Lieberman (2021 program)

original folk singer-songwriter

A special performance for our 2021 online festival! Watch the performance anytime on festival day by clicking on this link, then clicking PLAY ALL:

Ma’ayan Lieberman is a singer-songwriter working at this time towards her first CD. She grew up in a family of folk- music lovers and a family of musicians. She spent her childhood going to countless concerts and folk music events.

Every important gathering or event in her life involved music. She loves many folk genres, including Irish, Scottish and ballads. She has been writing as long as she can remember. Music making is storytelling and that is why she enjoys folk music so much; she believes it is the last untouched form of storytelling through song. She writes original folk and blues pieces, has written several hundred songs, and is finally finding the courage to bring them to be shared. She has not had the opportunity to play out much. She did an artist showcase at the Bitter End several years ago.