Mike Scully & The Weary Travelers

contemporary singer-songwriter

A special performance for our 2021 online festival! Watch the performance anytime on festival day by returning to this page.

Mike Scully & The Weary Travelers will perform original songs for all of your listening pleasure.

Mike Scully is an award-winning singer-songwriter from southern California. In his free time, Mike enjoys writing songs, singing songs and winning awards.

The Weary Travelers are composed of Rick Swigert on drums, Carl Prescott on bass and Alec De Carvor on lead guitar.

According to Pandora’s algorithms, Mike Scully & The Weary Travelers perform contemporary singer songwriter songs.

According to the band’s accountant, they rarely get paid for it.

“According to Jim” was a sitcom that ran for 8 seasons back in the early 2000s.