Randall Krieger


A special performance for our 2021 online festival! Watch the performance anytime on festival day by returning to this page.

Randall will perform various original steel string acoustic percussive instrumental songs, as well as creative interpretations of American depression-era folk songs.

Randall Krieger is a guitarist, vocalist and composer from California’s Bay Area. He has performed across the west coast with the Mission Peak chamber choir, Roberto Granados, Dirty Cello, Sebastian Saint James, and more. His debut solo album “Dandelion” was released in March 2021. It’s a collection of acoustic percussive steel string guitar songs with tranquil instrumentals and emotive low vocals. Telling tales of the great depression, Icelandic trips, and love, Dandelion covers a spectrum of emotion with chill vibes. Randall founded the medieval folk rock band The Unquiet Grave as the guitarist and backing vocalist which released their debut album “Ballads of Olde” in 2019 and toured California and Oregon.