Basic Ukulele Chords for Singing Songs (2023 program)

Erich Sylvester
Workshop Area 2 / 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Erich will teach basic ukulele chords using simple songs.  He’ll start with easy songs for beginners, then more complex songs in several keys including some Hawaiian songs (mainly in English) and some classics of the Great American Songbook.  Bring your own ukulele in standard tuning (GCEA).

Erich Sylvester has lived in San Francisco for 16 years & before that, in the Los Angeles area for 15 years. He has been singing with guitar & ukulele since his teen years in Cincinnati, where he was active with the Queen City Balladeers folk music club. He leads the Hot Steel & Cool Ukulele band, playing the ukulele & singing the songs. He also performs in the Yerba Buena Jug Band, & has been in several jug bands for many years. He also performed in bluegrass bands.