All Ages Musical Story Time (2024 program)

Don Shearer
Workshop Area 4 / 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Smiling, bald, white man with dark grey shirt, dark rimmed reflective glasses, on a white background. Don Shearer

This will be a 50-minute, participatory experience in song craft, story-telling, and fun. AAMST creates a space of imagination, creative flow, uplift, and together time, with a beat to which attendees can dance. No advance preparation or instruments are required. However, participants may bring instruments to jam, if desired. Don invites you to come sing, help create new lyrics and songs, and boogie to the beat. Current theme: Pollinator Power – We’ve got wings for everyone.

Don Shearer brings community, humor, passion, uplift, and boogie with compelling original and American song book, folk, pop, and blues songs and stories for souls of all ages. Don is a singer-songwriter, performer, author, illustrator, and humorist, residing in San Francisco, California. Don is a regular musical ambassador on stages and events hosted by San Francisco Recreation and Parks, Illuminate, civicjoyfund, noisepop, and others.