Martha Groves Perry & the MGP Band (2024 program)

indie alternative Americana
Bandshell Stage / 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
photo of Martha Groves Perry

Martha Groves Perry and The MGP Band is a 4-piece original band of fun, funny, and talented musicians that build great audience rapport, give people something substantive to think about, and get them grooving. Martha’s bold and punchy original music has a straightforward, compelling and sometimes edgy clarity with strong blues, rock, and experimental Americana influences. Together, Martha and her band, based in San Francisco,  provide an engaging, varied, and joy-filled full band experience with Martha on lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitar; Leo Perez-Zaragoza on lead guitar; Kevin Kriner on bass guitar and backing vocals; and Yuri Selukoff on drums.

Martha’s penetrating lyrics, described by her Nashville producer, Kenny Schick, as “journaling in poetry,” reflect the fearless truth-telling and unbothered amusement of a seasoned, female point of view. Some characterize Martha’s music as a cross between Tom Waits, early Gwen Stefani, and the Indigo Girls, and her vocals have been compared to Natalie Merchant. Martha captivates audiences during her endearing stage shows with thoughtful and hilarious stories alongside committed, engaging performances of her meaningful and substantive songs.

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