Family Program from 2018 (Rooms 207 and 211)

Music and crafts from 12-6 PM in adjoining rooms. Fun for all ages! There is a dedicated Craft Room (Room 211) full of creative resources for hands on free form artwork and play.  The spacious Family Room (Room 207) is next door to crafts making it easy to participate in our great musical offerings that range from children’s song swaps & family sing-a-longs to rockin’ bands and our ever popular Family Dance. This corner of the Festival is the perfect hangout for the young and young at heart!


12 noon-1 pm: Children’s Music Network Song Swap & Singing Games with Bonnie Lockhart & Nancy Schimmel.  Welcome to anyone who has a children’s or family-friendly song to share ~ and those who simply wish to listen, of course! This is fun for all ages, with a focus on child-centered, family-friendly songs. Facilitated by Bonnie Lockhart and Nancy Schimmel, this song swap features regional members of the Children’s Music Network as well as anyone with a children’s song to share. Perhaps you will learn a new favorite or teach one to someone else!

1 pm-2 pm: Family Barn Dance: A variety of easy, fun folk dances (lines, circles, & mixers) for all ages will be taught and then called by Claire Takemori with live fiddle music by Elizabeth Dequine and Derry Akin & Friends. No experience or partner needed. All ages are welcome. Babies and toddlers should be worn in a carrier. Some children might dance as “one” with a parent/adult. Bring water & wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Your face might hurt from smiling so much!



2 pm-3 pm: Join the Barefoot Quales Family Band in the intimate setting of the Family Area where there’s room to dance! This intergenerational, award winning, multi-instrumentalist family band plays bluegrass and old-time music, even though the youngest band member is just 9 years old. You’ll be inspired and delighted by their music and family!





3 pm-4 pm: We Will Rise Together Sing-A-Long with Hali Hammer. In the tradition of Malvina Reynolds, Faith Petric, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and other fine folkies, join us in a family-friendly political song sing-a-long. All ages are welcome to add their voices, singing old and new songs against some of the injustice of our times. Lyrics provided. Hali Hammer is an award winning singer-songwriter who is experienced at playing in varied styles and settings.




4 pm-5 pm: Mrs. Rittenhouse & Friends sing elderly songs for all ages. Mrs. Rittenhouse (guitar, vocals) will be joined by Laurie Miller (bass, vocals) and Art Peterson (piano accordion, vocals). Please join them at the Family Stage for a selection of elderly songs suitable for people of all ages. Most of their material dates to the 1920s and ’30s and includes selections from Tin Pan Alley, novelty and jug-band songs, polkas, and the Carter Family.




5 pm-6 pm: Brother Spellbinder. Bring the family to experience this one of a kind band that aims to enchant in the age of disenchantment! Brother Spellbinder creates a whimsical atmosphere with kids’ songs, traditional folk, gypsy jazz, classical and world music. You may bask in a blanket of lullaby music or stomp your feet and clap your hands to a lively folk tune! Your children may be excited to learn more about the cello, violin, or ukulele and luckily the Spellbinders are a friendly bunch, so don’t be shy! Expect a mosaic of originals & covers with unusual arrangements and a memorable sound. The music is suitable for dreamers of all ages.