Is this a one day festival? – Yes, one day only this year. We have limited the scope to a single day to deal with complexities around the venue and to focus on creating a fantastic one-day event.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible? – Yes, the facility is fully ADA compliant. They completed upgrades to this facility last summer. All the schools in the district underwent significant ADA upgrades, which is why no schools were available last year for the festival.

What dancing and concerts will there be? – The facility has two large gyms we’re earmarking for dances, a large auditorium and cafeteria for live performances, many classrooms for workshops and pre-planned sessions and jams, and lots of additional space for informal jamming. The schedule will be posted on the program page and should be completed sometime in March.

How do I sign up to perform or run a workshop?2017 is fully booked, but we’d love for you to apply in the future. We have multiple criteria for choosing performers — a mix of SFFMC members and outsiders, a diversity of folk genres (defined broadly), etc. We always have more acts than we have performance slots, so not every submission will get a slot. But please apply again next year!

How can I support the festival? You can donate, volunteer, or be a festival sponsor.