Pete Kronowitt (2018 program)

Protest songs reimagined
Woody Guthrie Stage – Rm 232 / 1:00 - 1:30

Four albums and 30 years of combining touring with activism, Pete Kronowitt’s songs lie at the juncture where culture and passion clash with politics. Following in the footsteps of folk singers advocating to better humanity, Pete has organized, marched and sang his way across this land. Kronowitt’s fourth album, ‘A Lone Voice,’ which re-imagines the protest song, was released in 2016 during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and was recorded and produced in Nashville by Grammy-winning songwriter Phil Madeira. These songs face uncomfortable truths, tackle injustice, poke at the absurdity of extremism, lift the curtain on the strings of media manipulation, and remind us that the power of change is always here and now within each of us.

Kronowitt’s freshman project, “Phases of the Heart,” recorded in 1993, was produced by John Alagia (of Dave Matthews Band, Jon Mayer, and Ben Folds Five fame), while his second and third albums, “Threads,” and ‘elements’ were produced by Pete Snell (who toured extensively with Lyle Lovett).