Yes M’am (2018 program)

a cappella artistry
Faith Petric Stage – Auditorium / 9:00 - 9:45

Yes M’am is a three women (mostly) a capella singing group. They sing traditional folk songs as well as music that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of as folk before they put their particular (if not peculiar) spin on it. Three dynamic female vocalists have teamed up to create a trio with saucy, spicy and surprising harmonies. With roots deep in American folk traditions, Yes M’am! takes the stage with a capella songs that are at times funny, soaring, moving, and deeply powerful.

Mary Hill grew up in the Bay Area folk music society, and is glad she grew up with the belief that everyone everywhere sings and harmonizes for fun. Her genre specialties include musical theater, American / Irish / British traditional, Disney, folk, jazz, opera, and bluegrass.

Amelia Hogan is a singer of many kinds of music, but her heart is tied to Irish, Scottish, British, bluegrass and American traditional vocals. She also plays bodhran and a twenty-two string Welsh lap harp, and has performed her music internationally.

Margaret Miles has been singing all her life and performs a bevy of original songs, as well as Celtic and American folk. She plays the autoharp, bodrhan (Irish drum) and pennywhistle, and has performed in a number of groups over the years, such as the Kitchen Sinq.