Ambulatory Adventures (2020 program)

Pamela Reinagel
Film and Storytelling / 3:00 - 3:50

Live on Zoom on Festival Day!  Pre-registration required.  Register for the storytelling program at .

Ambulatory Adventures: Traditional folk songs about the surprising things that can happen when you’re just going for a walk

Four centuries of traditional ballads that all begin something like “As I went out walking one morning in May …” and, somehow, end up at tragic, ridiculous, or sublime conclusions.

Pamela Reinagel performs traditional unaccompanied folk ballads sourced from the oral traditions of the English speaking world. She learns and memorizes them strictly by ear, in order to pick up on nuances that would be lost if transcribed to a page or confined to musical notation or instrumental scales. She considers balladry to be storytelling rather than either poetry or music: rhyme, meter, tempo and tune are used (or ignored) as needed to support the end goal, which is telling the story. Originally hailing from Buffalo, NY, she now lives in San Diego.

Presented by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC).