Family Music Songswap (2021 program)

Bonnie Lockhart
Family Room / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Bonnie Lockhart, short hair, smiling and singing face, wearing a light shirt, playing a guitar in front of a group with Children.

Real-time event on festival day with pre-registration required. You can find the registration link near the top of the program page when the link is ready.

Bonnie Lockhart leads a round robin sing-along featuring songs that invite everyone to join in. Come to share, come to listen, come to sing! Children are especially encouraged to share a song — but everyone, of every age, is welcome. With sing-alongs, move-alongs, finger plays, story songs and lullabies, this is a session for people who love to sing with children of all ages and are looking for songs that invite participation in lots of ways.

Bonnie’s life in music includes her avid study of diverse folk traditions, as well as jazz. As a vocalist and pianist, she has recorded, performed, and toured from New York to Nicaragua with various ensembles, blending her eclectic musical passions since the early 1970s.

Bonnie currently presents interactive concerts, called “Songs and Music Games from Around the World”, for children and families in libraries, schools, and community centers. She is an acclaimed songwriter whose compositions appear on award-winning children’s recordings by Gary Lapow, Adam Miller, Sarah Pirtle, and Lisa Atkinson, and on her own most recent CD for children, “Dreams, Drums, & Green Thumbs”.