Love Triangles (2021 program)

Arlene Immerman
Music 3
Singing / 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Real-time event on festival day with pre-registration required. You can find the registration link near the top of the program page when the link is ready.

Love triangles. William loves Nancy but she’s marrying the rich guy, my sister has a boyfriend, but I want him, Johnny is cheating on Frankie. Songs about jealousy, marriage for money rather than love, jiltings and desertion, murder and suicide. This will be a sing around. Traditional songs preferred. Please come prepared to sing a song. Listening is ok too.

Arlene likes to sing. She’s been singing most of her life, influenced by Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Jean Ritchie, Sheila Kay Adams and many others.