Shape Note Singing (2021 program)

Bay Area Sacred Harp
Music 5
Singing / 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Real-time event on festival day with pre-registration required. You can find the registration link near the top of the program page when the link is ready.

This singing school will go over the rudiments of Sacred Harp (shape note) singing and the leaders will sing a few tunes (with participants on mute!) The 4-part harmonies of sacred harp music will be explored, using multi-track recordings that isolate the voice parts. Materials will be screen-shared, so there is no need to bring anything except your singing voice! This workshop is great for beginners and anyone interested in sacred harp singing!

Bay Area Sacred Harp (BASH) is a group of singers that coordinates local, regional and statewide shape-note singing, primarily from the Sacred Harp 1991 Edition. Come sing with us!