Storytelling performance (2024 program)

Brandon Spars & Ben Tucker of the Storytelling Association of California
Workshop Area 4 / 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Brandon, with dark blue long sleeved shirt. Glasses, smiling face, Trees and flowers in background.Single image of Ben Tucker in light colored plaid shirt, dark rimmed glasses, mustache, and grey background.
This will be a storytelling performance, to be followed by a participatory workshop in the next hour. Ben and Brandon will each perform for twenty-five minutes, and then there will be a ten-minute break before the workshop begins in the next hour.

Brandon Spars is a high school teacher and storyteller. He uses storytelling in the humanities classroom as a means to engage and inspire his students. A regular performer in the Bay Area, Brandon is a two-time winner of the Moth GrandSlam and a TEDx speaker. He is a board member of the Storytelling Association of California.

Brother Ben Tucker is a storyteller, singer, and author.  His stories are of historical figures, personal stories, and folktales.  He is a board member of the Story Tellers Association of California and the Prescott Circus Theatre.  To find out more about Brother Ben, visit his website at: and his podcast at: Storytelling Time With Brother Ben on Spotify for Podcasters.