Storytelling workshop (2024 program)

Brandon Spars & Brother Ben Tucker of the Storytelling Association of California
Workshop Area 4 / 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

In this participatory workshop. Brother Ben and Brandon will lead activities and drills on the very techniques they have just illustrated in their performances during the previous hour.

Brandon Spars is a high school teacher and storyteller. He uses storytelling in the humanities classroom as a means to engage and inspire his students. A regular performer in the Bay Area, Brandon is a two-time winner of the Moth GrandSlam and a TEDx speaker. He is a board member of the Storytelling Association of California.

Brother Ben Tucker is a storyteller, singer, and author.  His stories are of historical figures, personal stories, and folktales.  He is a board member of the Story Tellers Association of California and the Prescott Circus Theatre.  To find out more about Brother Ben, visit his website at: and his podcast at: Storytelling Time With Brother Ben on Spotify for Podcasters.
Single image of Ben Tucker in light colored plaid shirt, dark rimmed glasses, mustache, and grey background.