Family Program (Rooms 206 and 207)

Music and crafts from 12-6 PM in nearby rooms. Fun for all ages! There is a dedicated Craft Room (Room 206) full of creative resources for hands on free form artwork and play.  The spacious Family Room (Room 207) is just across the hall, making it easy to participate in our great family-oriented music and dance offerings. This corner of the Festival is the perfect hangout for the young and young at heart!

2019 Family Program

12 noon-1 pm
Children’s Music Songswap
Bonnie Lockhart & The Children’s Music Network

1 pm-2 pm
Family Dance!
Alexandra Deis-Lauby

2 pm-3 pm
Martin and the Green Guitar
Martin Murray

3 pm-4 pm
Hawaiian music & dance
‘AHAmele and Keiki Hula of AHA

4 pm-5 pm
Family Folk Dancing!
Changs International Folk Dancers

5 pm-6 pm
Music for Young Folks
David Grashton